Support Groups

Please know that – due to the pandemic – our Support Groups are currently on-hold

While all of our services are free, we do accept online donations.

We run two types of Support Groups on a monthly basis.


These in-person sessions run one week night per month in Barrie.


We appreciate that travel can be difficult for those who have epilepsy throughout Simcoe County. Therefore, we’re now offering our Support Groups online through Skype on the third Tuesday of each month, twice a day.

In order to maintain the integrity of the Support Group, you will need an invitation from ESC to join. This Support Group is open to all of our clients in Simcoe County who have epilepsy, and while we know many of you, there are some who may want to reconnect with the group that we have not seen in a while. If you wish to be part of this online Support Group, you must first be approved by our Executive Director; please send a request by filling out the form at the bottom.

The Support Group discussion will have a specific topic each month to get the conversation started; however, if there are specific conversation needs of the group at that time, the topic may be postponed for a later date.

You will need Skype to join the call / video. If you wish to use your computer, you can choose to turn your camera off so that your face cannot be seen. You can also join through telephone.

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