Sponsorship Opportunities

Here’s Your Opportunity To Create Positive Changes In Your Community

Tailored To Meet Your Advertising & Philanthropic Needs

We appreciate that your business isn’t cookie-cutter, and that your advertising needs and philanthropic desires aren’t either.

That’s why we’ve designed Sponsorship Opportunities around you.  All Sponsorship’s will include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • Your business will have advertising exposure throughout all of Simcoe County,
  • Your business will have a place on our Supporters Page,
  • You will be listed (and tagged) as a “Thank you To Our Community Partner” on our social media sites

Event Sponsorship

In addition to the items listed above, Event Sponsorship includes:

  • Your business will be listed as a Sponsor on the web page of the event on our website,
  • Your name and logo will be listed as a sponsor on all promotional materials at the event,
  • Your promotional materials to be displayed at the event (ie. banner or sign to be hung – as area permits), an area for business cards, pamphlets, etc, and / or vendor space (if applicable),
  • Your business will receive an honourable mention in the event press release, and any other promotional advertising that we do for the event.

Year-Round* Sponsorship

*A year starts from the date of your Sponsorship Agreement over the next 365 days; it does not mean a calendar year.  For example, if you sign an Agreement on June 2, 2019, our advertising responsibilities covered in the Agreement will continue until June 1, 2020.

In addition to the items listed above and in Event Sponsorship, Year-Round Sponsorship Includes:

  • Your business name / logo listed as a Sponsor on all materials for every event we hold that year* (this includes, but is not limited to fundraisers, appreciation nights, and information sessions),
  • Your business will be mentioned at the top of Our Incredible Supporters page,
  • We will re-share your social media (ie. events, promotions) onto our social feeds,
  • Your promotional materials (ie. business cards, brochures) will be on display in our office,
  • Your business will be listed in our monthly newsletters for the year,
  • Your promotional materials to be displayed at all of our events (which include, but are not limited to fundraisers, appreciation nights, and information sessions).  If applicable – and if space allows – you will have permission to hang your banner / sign, and / or secure a small vendor space, and
  • You will receive a mention at the bottom of all of our Press Releases (approximately 6 times per year).

Did You Know?

Our Executive Director, Shawna Bailey, worked in Marketing & Communications for five years before coming on board with Epilepsy Simcoe County?  With her knowledge on how to advertise and market your generous Sponsorship, we know that you’ll see the difference in what we can do for you!

If you’re interested in any of the above sponsorship opportunities, please send us an email at epilepsysimcoecounty@rogers.com