September 2018 Newsletter

From the Desk of the Executive Director

worst case scenerio

I have to be honest – Fall is my favourite time of year.  

For me, it’s a time of re-newal, re-energizing, and re-organization; come September 1st I (usually) happily say goodbye to summer and I start to re-evaluate and re-prioritize everything.

This September is no different, and now that our major fundraising initiatives are over for 2018, I’m  looking forward to researching how to make Epilepsy Simcoe County even better for our clients and our community.  For starters, we’ve expanded and now have a new support room next door to our main office.  This addition will allow us a better space to counsel and educate those who come through our doors.  There are a lot more exciting initiates in-the-works, and we’ll keep you updated as each one becomes finalized.

This past weekend I was in Toronto and heard Michael J. Fox speak; he’s very open about his journey through Parkinson’s Disease, and hearing him speak reminded me of his quote that I had read many years ago when I was going through a health scare.  Simply put, if you imagine the worst-case scenario and it doesn’t happen, then you’ve already gone through it once. If you imagine that worst-case scenario and it does happen, then you’ve gone through it twice (and why would you want to do that?).

I understand that there’s a lot of fear and anxiety with the unknown (specifically with Epilepsy).  However, this September I challenge you to re-evaluate your way of thinking about what you fear and what your worst-case scenario is.  If you need help, we have valuable resources in our office.

And as always, if you are struggling and need to talk, my door is always open.



Support Group Meeting, Community Room at the Bayfield Mall

September_Support Group Meeting

Please fill out the form to RSVP.




“Strength, Hope, Courage” was the quote we chose this year for our Dragon Boat team; we’ve designed these mugs to encourage those daily who may be struggling.  40% of all sales goes directly back to our Chapter to help enhance our support programs. Click here to order.

#ICYMI:  MoMondays with Guest Speaker Greg Smith


On September 17th at 7pm, Greg Smith will be a guest speaker at MoMondays in Barrie.  Greg will be talking about his experiences with Epilepsy; Greg spoke last month in Aurora (you can watch the promo at 1 minute in by clicking here).

To purchase a ticket for this event, please click here (availability is limited).

2018 Dragon Boat Festival


On August 25th, the Pirates of the Epilep’seas participated in the 16th Annual Dragon Boat Festival to raise money for Epilepsy Simcoe County.

Between one of our Board members going door-to-door in her neighbourhood (raising $500!) and the combined efforts of all of our amazing paddlers, we were able to raise $4,140.  Money raised will help us develop further programming and outreach services to those in our area who are living with Epilepsy and other seizure-related disorders.

22045935_1119436204868114_75257981867659776_n.png  download (1)We express great gratitude and appreciation to both Cottage Canoe and Bruno’s Bakery for supplying breakfast and lunch for us that day.  Through their generous donation of supplying meals for our 22 participants, we were able to keep the money that was raised in programming and development.

To have your name put on our list to receive information about paddling with us in 2019, please send us an email at

My Story


We often learn best from listening to another’s story about how they overcame great difficulty.  Today we are featuring Nathan’s Story (you can view it by clicking here).

Do you have a story you’d like to share to help others in similar situations?

If you wish, you can share your story on our website; your advice and experiences could help someone who isn’t aware of certain resources or has been recently diagnosed.  to share your story, please fill out the form on our website by clicking here.



People with epilepsy can safely participate in many physical activities. In fact, regular exercise and physical activity are encouraged. People with epilepsy achieve the same benefits from regular physical activity as people without epilepsy.  To find out more, please click here.