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Epilepsy and Seizures: General


Drug-Resistant Epilepsy    |  Complementary Therapies   |   Ketogenic Diet Therapy for Epilepsy

Implications of Epilepsy: Beyond Seizures

Anxiety and Epilepsy    |   Depression and Epilepsy    |   Women and Epilepsy       |   Planning for your Healthcare Appointment   |   Seizure Response Dogs    |     Epilepsy & Memory (Adults)  

System Navigation

Life Insurance and Epilepsy    |    Epilepsy Disclosure Chart    |    Epilepsy Disclosure in the Workplace   |   Financial Support in Ontario    |   Rights and Responsibilities of Employees   |    Rights and Responsibilities of Employers    |    Looking for/Finding Work   |  I Had a Seizure at Work… Now What?  |   Drug Benefit Programs in Ontario  |


Physical Activity & Epilepsy

Alcohol and Epilepsy   |   Behaviour   |   Children and Families    |    Driving   |   Employment   |   Nutrition    |   Sexuality   |   Sleep and Epilepsy


Alternative Therapies      VNS

  Memory and Epilepsy

An Overview  |   Seizures and First-Aid   |   Let’s Learn About Epilepsy:  An Activity Book for Children


Living With Epilepsy   |  Safety and Epilepsy  |   Seniors With Epilepsy   |   Teens and Epilepsy   |   Women and Epilepsy


A Guide For Parents


Video Resources

Resources for Children

Educational Stories


Seizure Triggers  |  ICE Card Template  |  Wristband Resources  |  Weed Myths  |  Cannabis & Canada  | Cannabis Info Sheet  |

To view presentations we use to educate groups about epilepsy, click here.

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