Resources for Children

Felicia McCan is a delightful story that promotes diversity, inclusion, and acceptance. Felicia is the centre of attention at hernew school. Her appearance and the unfamiliar tool she uses to read raise the interest of the other children. These differences quickly become accepted, and her charm, style, and unbounded energy stand out and win over the crowd. This story teaches young readers the importance of getting to know others rather than making quick judgments based on appearance. It teaches children to celebrate differences rather than focusing negatively on them.

Benjamin-Bob Can Do the Job is a delightful story that challenges stereotypes. Benjamin-Bob is in many ways the same as everyone else in his community, except that he is much taller. As the local giant, he has been given the job of watching over
the hills around his town to scare away bears and other potential predators. Benjamin-Bob feels stuck and decides that it’s time to break out of the role that has been set for him. This story follows Benjamin-Bob as he practices some of his other job skills, exceeding expectations and challenging stereotypes. People with disabilities often have limitations set upon them as well due to assumptions and stereotypes. However, it’s important to recognize and celebrate individual talents, strengths, knowledge, and achievements.

I’m Smart in My Own Way is a delightful story that celebrates potential and the fact that we all have different abilities and something to contribute. The main character, Bartley, struggles to get good grades in school. However, his powers of observation help him to observe the signs of an impending crisis. He also observes potential and possibility in a giant vine that encroaches his town.