New Client Intake

We are so grateful to find Epilepsy Simcoe County. We were so confused with that we were reading on the net; ESC sent us information that cut through the clutter and helped us make the right decisions.”

~ Local mom

Please note that all intake sessions are virtual or by phone at this time.

Welcome to Epilepsy Simcoe County!

We understand that – no matter where you are in your journey – you’re on this website because you’re looking for answers.

Please know that we are here to help.

One of our main goals at ESC is to help cut away the clutter of information that you’re getting from various sources. We’re here to streamline your journey so that you are able to make fully educated decisions.

You do not need to be referred to be seen by us, and there is no charge to use our services.

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After the Intake

During the appointment, you’ll be given information on our free Information Sessions as well as our Support Groups. You’re encouraged to attend these often, as the information you receive (from both our Public Educators as well as other individuals who have epilepsy) can provide you with peace-of-mind.

If you feel stuck at any time, you’re encouraged to book an appointment to come back in – or book a phone call with us. As epilepsy looks different in each person, we know that you’ll likely need a few follow-up visits with us in order to get you on the path that’s right for you.

It is always recommended that you book an appointment instead of dropping in to see us. We want to ensure that we give your appointment it’s full attention, and it will help us best prepare if we know you’re coming.

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