Save the date! November 30, 2021

What is GivingTuesday?

GivingTuesday is a global movement which takes place each year after Black Friday. Labelled the “opening day of the giving season,” it’s a time when charities, companies and individuals join together and rally for their favourite causes.

GivingTuesday harnesses the potential of social media and the generosity of people to encourage the donation of resources and talents to address local challenges. It brings together the collective power of others to encourage and amplify small acts of kindness.

GivingTuesday & Epilepsy Simcoe County

As a charity, there’s a lot of time that goes into event fundraising, and while it is always worth it in the end, some of that time takes away from us being able to improve on our existing programs, or creating new ones when there’s a need.

For us, being able to count on monthly giving makes a huge difference when we take in new clients for our free services.  

This GivingTuesday, a donation of only $30 per month will help 6 individuals with epilepsy get updated information and support for the next year.

GivingTuesday isn’t about simply donating to your charity-of-choice.  It’s about making a direct impact on the lives of individuals in our community. This year, Epilepsy Simcoe County is asking – for those who can – to commit to making a monthly donation to improve the lives of six people who live with the disease.

What will I receive with my monthly donation?

We value communication; you deserve to know where your generosity is going.

We’ll put you on an exclusive email list that will let you know each month what impact your gift is having on epilepsy care in Simcoe County.  From who we’ve been able to help, to what questions we were able to answer, you’ll know every four weeks how your donation has made a difference to our clients and our community.

Here are the services that your generous monthly donation will be helping

All of our services are free, and it surprises many to find out that we don’t receive any government funding. By committing to a monthly donation this GivingTuesday, you’ll be helping to support the following:

Ongoing Client Education & Counselling

Neurologists and doctors are busy, and the reality is that often there isn’t enough time during appointments. ESC is where patients can come and get questions answered, referrals completed as needed, and a place for understanding and support.

Classroom & School Education (operating virtually)

We understand that there’s a need for more knowledge and awareness with epilepsy among children.  With this, we go into the classroom and provide both teachers and students the tools and resources needed to understand seizures, how to best support a child with epilepsy in the classroom, and more.

Our Needed Program – Caregiver Support

With every client that we support in our office, they’re most often accompanied by a female caregiver.  Up to now, women accompany their loved one to hear education on epilepsy and seizure first-aid, with little information on how to avoid caregiver fatigue.

We’ve developed a model to now support the female caregivers that come through our doors.  While we educate them on seizures and epilepsy, we will provide each woman with 5 additional hours of individualized coaching, counselling, and support that will teach them how to take care of themselves while caring for their loved one, so as to reduce the chance of burnout.

Epilepsy New-Patient Care

Individuals who understand their seizures are less likely to depend on the Emergency hospital room as a principal source of support.  They’re more likely to gain control of their seizures, be more connected with their community, and to live well with the disease. They are also less likely to suffer from SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy), as the only SUDEP prevention is to have as few seizures as possible. 

Upon entering our agency, we’ll provide individuals and their family with a tailored 1:1 Information Session on epilepsy, their type(s) of seizure, seizure first aid, and more.