Denyse St. Amand

Denyse.jpgWhile it isn’t something that she readily initially discusses, Denyse has lived with epilepsy and seizures since she was diagnosed at age 4. Denyse enjoys working with Epilepsy Simcoe County, as it allows her to feel part of something bigger than herself.

Denyse became a board member of Epilepsy Simcoe County in hopes of truly making a difference for people like herself who live with epilepsy. Becoming part of the Board allowed her to share her  voice and opinions on various advancements the agency hopes to accomplish.

Denyse is a Barrie resident with grown children who worked as a Developmental Service Worker (DSW) for many years.  As a DSW, Denyse assisted many physically, mentally, and developmentally disabled individuals to function better in their everyday lives. Through having her own disability, Denyse was readily able to relate to her clients and perform her job at a superb level..

Through bringing her experience, excellence, and a strong inclination to make a difference, Denyse has been a substantial addition to our Board of Directors. In the future she hopes to continue to be an advocate for people with epilepsy in Simcoe County and pursue her goal of making real change in the community.