December 2018 Newsletter

From the Desk of the Executive Director


Christmas is my absolutely favourite time of year!  I have warm-and-homey memories of traditions that we did growing up as a child, and I’ve taken those and used them as a starting point with my own children.  In my house now, Christmas celebrations start December 1st, and we celebrate each night by either baking, decorating, or watching Christmas movies.

Last night myself and the Board got together to celebrate and to plan for 2019.  I was so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people who have a solid vision for what they want ESC to accomplish in the upcoming year.

While we have our own ideas on how we want this agency to grow, we also want to hear from you; thus, in this newsletter you will find a link to a Needs Survey that will take you two minutes to complete.  By participating, you will help us to discover what is truly needed within our area and how you wish to see us move forward.

From the entire Board of Directors here at ESC – Diane, Loesje, Renee, Molly, Denyse, Deborah, Melisa, Matthew, and myself – we are wishing you and your family the very best of holidays and a happy and healthy 2019!

Getting my merry on,


Gift Wrap 2019 – Only 14 Spots Remaining!


We have again partnered with Big Brothers & Big Sisters at the Georgian Mall to gift wrap for the holidays (the booth is located outside of Home Sense).  This booth is currently running and will continue until Christmas Eve.

Spaces have filled up fast and I expect that these 14 spots will be gone by the end of this week!  If you are interested in participating, or would like more information, please click here.

If you cannot participate, you can contribute by bringing your gifts to the booth to be wrapped.  Boxes for items (such as clothing) can be purchased there and half of the proceeds come back to our agency.

Needs Survey:  Individuals, family, and professionals

As we move forward into the new year, we want to know what you would like to see take place within our organization.

Individuals, family members, and professionals are invited to participate in this 2 minute survey regarding what kind of support and training you need, how you would like to be supported (ie. downloadable Information Sessions if travel is difficult), and how you would like to get your information (ie. newsletter vs. social media).

Please take a moment right now and click here to start the survey.

Information Session, Bayfield Mall Community Room


In this session, the importance of mindfulness to health and as a stress reduction strategy will be explored.  Using curriculum and tools through the internationally recognized program “Mindfulness without Borders”, participants will be guided through an introduction to mindfulness, have the opportunity to participate in mindfulness practices such as “Tuza”, and engage in a self-reflection.

People are encouraged to dress comfortably.

This will be held at the Bayfield Mall in the Community Room (beside Pharma Plus)

All are welcome!

You must fill out the form to RSVP.