Deborah Cormack

Deborah.jpgDeborah’s next door neighbour, and very good friend Barbara, first introduced her to Epilepsy Simcoe County (ESC) many years ago. Deborah started attending support group meetings and began volunteering for various events and activities; the people she met at the meetings Deborah describes as wonderful, kind, and understanding.

While it isn’t something that she readily initially discusses, Deborah has lived with partial temporal lobe epilepsy with complex seizures since she was an infant. She states however that meeting people who also have Epilepsy is a very enlightening and reassuring experience, and makes her feel part of a community.

Three years ago Deborah was invited to become a board member of Epilepsy Simcoe County, and due to her amazing experience with the agency, she was thrilled to take the position. Becoming part of the Board allowed her to have a voice and share her opinion on various programs, events, and resources that the organization offers.

Deborah has been a Barrie resident for 15 years now, with her husband Allan, and their pets – a bearded collie dog “Motley” and their cat “Toes”.  For forty years she and her husband have made a living illustrating books, and they enjoy much time out in their garden. Both illustrating and gardening are things they enjoy doing together, and they claim that it helps keep their relationship strong.

To the Board of Directors, Deborah brings with her experience, endurance, and a strong desire to serve her community well.