Research Update -Tests required before your child’s epilepsy surgery

As originally seen in For a child who is having epilepsy surgery, several tests may need to be done as part of the clinical assessment. EpLink researcher Dr. Elysa Widjaja and senior neurodiagnostic technologist Rohit Sharma have put together an information booklet to help parents navigate the different tests that may be required before surgery.Continue reading “Research Update -Tests required before your child’s epilepsy surgery”

Mother underscores importance of diagnosing ESES epilepsy early

To purchase, please click here. As originally seen on Jennifer Young says parents should be aware of the symptoms of Electrical Status Epilepticus during Sleep (ESES) epilepsy, a condition that appears in childhood and does not present itself through seizures but rather as learning difficulties and behavioural changes. Jennifer’s son was diagnosed with ESES whenContinue reading “Mother underscores importance of diagnosing ESES epilepsy early”

Triggers of Seizures

To view our merchandise, please visit our online shop As originally seen in Watch Michael Privitera MD talks about triggers of seizures.  Some people may find that seizures occur in a pattern or are more likely to occur in certain situations. Sometimes these connections are just by chance, but other times it’s not. Keeping track ofContinue reading “Triggers of Seizures”

Living with Epilepsy: Juliet’s Story

To purchase apparel, please click here As originally seen in My name is Juliet and I have epilepsy – waits for supportive round of applause from others in the help group… No? Oh, ok. In one of my guises as a stand-up comic, I explain to audiences that I have tonic clonic epilepsy, and that IContinue reading “Living with Epilepsy: Juliet’s Story”