A BIG Thank you to Delta Bingo

On a Sunday in June of 2019, myself and the team at Epilepsy Simcoe County set up an information booth at the Barrie Public Library, downtown. I want to thank Delta and Bingo for helping us fund this event. I spent the day talking to many adults and children, to my surprise one frequent question was, what is epilepsy?

I would explain that it is a neurological disease that can significantly affect a person’s life and cause a lack of independence, isolation, problems with education, employment, and the ability to drive. People living with epilepsy often feel isolated and alone. I know this from my own personal experience. I developed epilepsy as an infant, coping with this disease is a challenge and has not always been easy.

I had a wonderful opportunity to become a member and volunteer for Epilepsy Simcoe County eight years ago. We are a small group of seven very dedicated amazing board members and we have an awesome program director. They are always coming up with fresh original thoughtful ideas. At ESC we provide information and resources for people with a recent diagnosis or history of epilepsy. We hope that the education, advocacy and support we provide is reassuring for everyone in our community with epilepsy and their families.

A big thank you to Delta and Bingo, we use the funds raised through charitable gaming for our education, support, advocacy programs.

It’s all possible, because of your generous support.

Deborah Cormack, Board Member,  Epilepsy Simcoe County

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