‘My little heroes’: Singleton children save grandpa’s life after terrifying seizure

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A Singleton grandfather has thanked his “little heroes” for saving his life after he had a seizure last month.

Ian Wilson was looking after his grandchildren Addy, 6 and Liam, 7, at home on Monday, December 16 when he had a seizure, fell, broke his nose and was knocked unconscious.

Addy noticed her ‘grampy’ wasn’t waking up and was surrounded by a pool of blood, immediately alerting her brother.

Liam tried to call 000 but, when for some reason he wasn’t getting through, called his mother, Claire Oliffe, to summon for help.

She called for an ambulance before “breaking all speed limits” to get to the house where she said she was “confronted” with her dad collapsed on the floor having seizures and with bad cuts to his eyes and nose.

Meanwhile, Liam and Addy remained calm and stayed with their grandpa until four paramedics in two ambulances arrived.

Mr Wilson was transferred straight to the Intensive Care Unit at Royal Perth Hospital under priority one.

“Words cannot express how proud I was of my two babies for not only knowing to call me to get help, but also staying with grampy to make sure he was okay,” Mrs Oliffe said.

“The calmness they showed just amazes me – even I, as the adult, could not say I was the same.

“They far exceeded anything I thought they were capable of and it just shows how these kids learn and jump into action when needed.”

Mr Wilson didn’t wake until the next day, Tuesday, December 17.

While he has had a relatively quick recovery, specialists are still running tests to determine what caused Mr Wilson’s seizure.

However, he said he would just be forever grateful for the children saving his life, and for coming to visit him in hospital to “make sure grampy was okay”.

“The children moved promptly, kept their cool and saved my life,” he said.

“They’re my little heroes.”

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