Girl Scout Hopes To Educate, Calm Fears Surrounding Epilepsy

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GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4)– A teenager in Golden is calling on her personal experience with epilepsy to support other kids through the same journey. Emma Conroy created a video project to prepare them for the road ahead.

“I got a bunch of paperwork and it explained kind of what was going on, and then I had what my parents told me about my first EEG but I was five I didn’t know what they were doing,” she said.

Conroy had her first seizure at 3 years old, leading to her Epilepsy diagnosis. Now at 17 she has had at least a half a dozen EEGs.

“It stands for electroencephalogram, it monitors your brainwaves while they to the flashing light test and the hyper ventilation test,” she said.

Emma used her last visit as an opportunity to educate others, while also earning her Gold Award as a Girl Scout. She asked her parents to film the entire process, leading to a 10-minute informational video titled “EEGs made easy.”

Emma starts with how to prepare and then walks you through the test itself. Wednesday night, she debuted the project for the Epilepsy Foundation Colorado.

“One in 26 will develop epilepsy in their lifetime,“ spokesperson Chase Whisenhunt said, “Chances are you are going to be surrounded by epilepsy or someone livingwith it now or in the future.”

They are now teaming up with Emma, sharing her video with members preparing for a similar journey.

“Any chance we get to raise awareness especially in the hands of a young volunteer reaching out, taking matters into her own hands, we love the opportunity.”

Emma says it would be great to win the coveted Gold Award for her Girl Scout sash, affecting others will be far more rewarding.

“I wanted kids to not be scared of what I was scared of when I was younger it was just very important to me,” Conroy said.

To see her video, please click here.

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