Kobe Bryant dropped by ‘The View’ with a poignant surprise for a 6-year-old fan


Originally posted on ca.news.yahoo.com

A surprise in-person gift from Kobe Bryant might bring most fans to tears, but on The View this morning, things got especially poignant.

Six-year-old Bryson Thompson and his parents shared his heartbreaking story about battling epilepsy. Sarah Thompson explained how the family is getting through this tough time — which at its worst has included Bryson having 100 seizures a day — thanks to the foundation Jack’s Helping Hand.

“Whether it’s a Fitbit watch to help monitor [Bryson’s] heart rate while he is sleeping or money for gas and food to get to doctor’s appointments that are so far away, [Jack’s Helping Hand] make it so simple and easy,” said Sarah Thompson.

To give back to the foundation, Bryson’s brother Brock had the idea to collect signed sports memorabilia to auction off in a few weeks. The View first surprised them by donating signed items from NFL and NBA players including Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and the entire Golden State Warriors basketball team. But there was one more surprise in store. Whoopi Goldberg called up her pal Kobe Bryant for the final special gift.

Bryant walked out from backstage with two signed Lakers jerseys, one for Bryson and one for the Thompsons’ upcoming auction. Tears, as you can imagine, were shed.

The former NBA star explained that his generous donation comes down to a very basic principle of kindness, saying, “We all have a responsibility to each other to help one another. It’s the fundamental belief.”

Watch the video by clicking here.

Originally posted on ca.news.yahoo.com


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