The Osler Epilepsy Scholarship

The 2018 Osler Epilepsy Scholarship is now open for applications!


Students who have successfully completed high school and entering their first year of post-secondary education or continuing their post-secondary education this fall.


To view/print out the application form, click here.

About the scholarship

Are you a student with Epilepsy who is enrolled or is about to be enrolled in a post-secondary education program this September? Then congratulations, you are already well on your way to beating the odds. Only one in three people with disabilities earn a post-secondary degree in Canada. We at Epilepsy Ontario want to improve those odds and we want to celebrate your success in getting as far as you have already.

That is why we are pleased to announce the competition for the Osler Epilepsy Scholarship for 2018 is now open. If you have Epilepsy and you are pursuing a post-secondary education anywhere in Ontario, you are eligible for one of four $1,500 scholarships to be awarded in June at a special ceremony in Toronto.  You can access the application form by clicking here and tell us in a brief personal essay how someone with Epilepsy inspired you.  You could become a member of an Osler Scholarship community of past winners like Melanie Jeffrey, who has since gone on to become a member of the Board of Directors of Epilepsy Ontario and has become a passionate advocate for Epilepsy awareness.

For Lawton Osler – his company’s generous support makes the Osler Epilepsy Scholarship possible — it’s all about helping hard working students with Epilepsy who have already overcome so many barriers reach their full potential.  The awards night in June, he says, is a truly special occasion. “To see the students come with their parents, grandparents, boyfriends and girlfriends – it’s just amazing.”

The 2017 winners were Heather Perl, Mary-Katherine Rowe, Mackenzie Fast, Sarah Picotte and Vanessa Wadge.

For Hysenaj, who had her first seizure when she was 11, overcoming the barriers to education that so many people with Epilepsy face has been a constant challenge, but ultimately a rewarding one. “Because of these challenges, I don’t believe I would have become the person I am today and for that I am grateful.” she says.

The deadline for applications for this year’s awards is June 15, 2018 at 4 PM.  If you have any questions about the application process you can call  us at 905-738-9431 or through our website at

Comments from Previous Recipients

“The OBCL Epilepsy Scholarship benefited me by helping pay for my tuition. It was a great help and I was also able to spread the word and knowledge about epilepsy.” – Cassidy S.

“I never let epilepsy become a barrier.  I made it a part of my life and a part of who I am.  Because of epilepsy I am a more determined and persistent person who never lets anything stand his way.  The OBCL Scholarship gave me the chance to show this to my family, friends, professors, and community.” – Rahman M.

“I was not successful at my first post-secondary attempt. With the hope of receiving the OBCL Epilepsy scholarship I applied to the Recreation and Leisure program, something  I had always dreamed of.  I’m finding Centennial College and the faculty very supportive and am loving the program.  Thank you so much Epilepsy Ontario. You are the Best!!” – Jaimie M L

How it began

Before OBCL, a drug company (Pfizer in 2002 and Lundbeck Canada in 2003) offered the epilepsy scholarships in the early 2000s. Back then, Osler already took on an active role as a member of the committee that read through the students’ applications.

When the drug company decided to discontinue the scholarships, Osler was ready to take the lead. How did Osler feel about his new initiative? Click here to find out.

To read our press release from the first OBCL Epilepsy Scholarship Awards, click here.

How to ApplyExpand How to Apply Section

To apply, print out the application form and email or mail all requested documents to Epilepsy Ontario. Best of luck!

Osler Epilepsy Scholarship
Epilepsy Ontario
470 North Rivermede Rd
Unit 15, 2nd Floor
Concord, Ontario L4K 3R8

Application Deadline: The deadline for the 2018 Osler Epilepsy Scholarships is June 15, 2018 by 4:00pm. For more events, click here.

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